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Corn snakes are an extremely common type of pet snake. After all, they’re one of the best all-around snake species and are easy to care for, making them great beginner pets. They are also known for being very docile, and don’t tend to grow any larger than 3-6 feet. In the wild they usually live around 6-8 years, but some corn snakes can live up to 20 years or more with proper care.

Part of this proper care is ensuring that their enclosure is equipped with everything they’ll need to survive and thrive. This includes proper substrate, an appropriate diet, and any decorations they will need for the activities they enjoy most. But what activities do they enjoy?

One of the most common questions that pet owners have about corn snakes is whether or not they like to climb. In this blog post, we will answer this question along with a few other basic questions about proper corn snake care.

Do Corn Snakes Enjoy Climbing?

Yes, corn snakes like to climb, despite being known for spending the majority of their time on the ground. Climbing decorations help you make the most of your vertical space in your terrarium, and provide a stimulating experience for your corn snake.

Just be sure to attach a lockable sliding screen to the top so your snake doesn’t escape. And if your snake is living in a big terrarium that is 40 gallons or more, be careful not to build the decorations toward the placement of the heat lamp, as this poses a fire hazard as well as a safety hazard for your pet.

Do Corn Snakes Burrow?

Yes, corn snakes love to burrow. Burrowing helps them feel safe and provides stimulus as well. Because corn snakes love to burrow, it’s important to add plenty of substrate into their enclosure. For juvenile snakes, a couple of inches will do. However, if your corn snake is full grown then you will want to be sure to add a few more layers so that the bottom is deep enough for them to burrow in.

In the wild, corn snakes spend a lot of time underground searching for rodents to make their meal. This is why it’s important to create opportunities for them to burrow. To really give them an authentic experience, you can try hiding food in small air pockets underneath their substrate.

Which Substrate Is Best for Burrowing Snakes?

If you have a pet that tends to enjoy burrowing, then it’s crucial to provide them with a substrate that allows them to burrow easily. Some of the best substrates for burrowing include:

  • Coconut fiber
  • Aspen shavings
  • Cypress mulch

These substrates are also great at retaining humidity levels in the enclosure, and are very powerful for blocking foul odors from exiting the tank. They also reduce the risk of compaction when your pet accidentally ingests some during feeding.

Below is our recommended substrates for corn snakes:

Coconut Fiber

Aspen Shavings

Cypress Mulch

What Other Decorations Do Corn Snakes Need?

Aside from climbing decorations and proper substrate, there are a few kinds of decorations that you will need for a pet corn snake. This includes:

  • Bark and stone hiding places
  • Live plants
  • Enclosure backdrops
  • Artificial vines & leaves
  • Mirrors

Building your reptile’s enclosure is one of the best parts of owning a pet reptile. It’s both fun and exciting to personally construct a habitat that is suited to meet their needs and provide them with a safe and healthy place to live.

Verdict: Corn Snakes Like to Climb

Corn snakes are great pets, and are very unique animals. They enjoy climbing, burrowing, and hiding in their enclosure, and are very docile creatures that can be handled carefully. It’s always best to do your research before committing to a pet corn snake, as they have specific care requirements that you will want to know before you bring them home.

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