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If you’re looking for some general information about buying reptiles online or the best reptile products on the market, these frequently asked questions might be able to help!

Questions About Buying Reptiles Online

Is Buying Reptiles Online Legal?

This question depends on where you live, but in the United States, it’s legal to purchase live reptiles online. While the channels are monitored for endangered species being sold, the mainstream online breeders stay straight and true. Before we recommend a place to buy reptiles online, we like to make sure they comply with legal requirements, as well as meet our ethical standards. 

How Does Buying A Reptile Online Work?

Well, when you choose to purchase a reptile online, you must be prepared to receive this animal. This means having a terrarium set up and ready, as well as food, vitamins, and other supplies. 

The process is fairly simple. First, you choose your reptile. There are plenty to choose from! Then, you start a conversation with the online reptile supplier to answer any questions you may have and make transit plans. Hitting the ORDER button is only a single part of the process. You have to choose shipping arrangements to ensure the reptile is in a box for the least amount of time. When you agree on a time and day, the order will be delivered via a postal service, and you must verify the package’s integrity. Open the package! If you’re satisfied with the delivery, no need to do anything! Have fun with your new pet! But, if you’re unsatisfied, you have a limited window to submit a claim with your online supplier. You might have to provide a photo of the reptile to verify the claim. 

*Note: Only a very small percentage of buyers ever have to file a report because their reptile comes DOA. 

What is a Live Arrival Guarantee?

Many online retailers will advertise a live arrival guarantee as part of the allure of their site. A Live Arrival Guarantee is the policy around whether a reptile arrives at your doorstep safe and sound. This includes the rules about signing for your package, as well as what happens if you miss your delivery. Not only is the Guarantee meant to help you ensure you’re getting a live reptile, it’s meant to protect the reptile in the event of a missed pickup or failed delivery. It’s as much for your benefit as it is for the reptiles.

These Guarantees help buyers differentiate the reputable sellers from the sub-par ones. If a seller doesn’t provide information about their shipping process and boast reviews from real customers, we’re not likely to believe that they have a Live Arrival Guarantee. 

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Reptiles Online?

We personally really like CB Reptiles. They have a great selection of animals as well as a good reputation in the community. Their on-site biologist isn’t too shabby either! 

After that, we’d say XYZ Reptiles, Imperials Reptiles, and Backwater Reptiles. All of which have shipping policies for reptiles, as well as good reviews from real customers.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

That depends from retailer to retailer. Some places charge a flat rate, no matter how much you buy. Other shave varying rates for small, large, and urgent purchases.

CompanyShipping PriceDetails
CB Reptile$39.95Overnight Shipping
ZYX Reptiles$55.00Overnight Shipping
Imperial Reptiles$49.00Same Day or Overnight Shipping
Backwater Reptiles$49.99Overnight Shipping

What Reptiles Can I Buy Online?

Legal reptiles and amphibians that you can purchase throughout the United States that are available online include:

  • Bearded dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Leopard geckos
  • Anoles
  • Iguanas
  • Skinks
  • Frogs and toads
  • Turtles and tortoises
  • Frilled-neck lizards
  • And more!

Questions About Buying Reptile Supplies

Can I Buy All-in-One Terrarium Kits?

Yes! They are actually a hot-ticket item. Many beginner reptile owners will purchase a reptile tank kit because it’s a lot less stressful than buying every component individually and making sure they’re all compatible. (Plus, you save a bit of money in the process). 

There are all-in-one terrarium kits available for a variety of reptiles, including beardies, geckos, and chameleons. But get one fast! These items are often sold out.

Is It Safe To Buy Live Feeders Online?

Yes, live feeder insects like crickets, dubia roaches, and various types of worms all have their own arrival guarantees. Some retailers offer overnight delivery for live feeders, while others offer 2-day shipping with enhanced packaging. It’s fairly common to lose a few feeders in transit, but overall it’s a safe and effective way to get live feeders sent directly to your door. 

What Reptile and Amphibian Supplies Should I Buy Online?

Seeing as how it’s possible to buy almost anything online and get it quickly and safely delivered, we say why not buy everything online! You can get:

  • Terrarium tanks 
  • Thermometers and hygrometers
  • Heating lamps and basking stones
  • Misters and water pumps
  • Terrarium decor
  • Substrates and terrain
  • Reptile food & vitamins
  • Medicine and supplements
  • The reptiles themselves!

Shipping might accrue, but with some coupons and discounts, you’ll be able to get all your supplies, when you need them. Visiting local pet shops or big box stores is fine in a pinch, but to truly get the best selection of reptile supplies, you should shop at an online reptile supplier. 

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Reptile Supplies Online?

There are a lot of good places, but we really like Custom Reptile Habitats. They offer tanks and enclosures that you won’t get anywhere else. Plus, they have a wide array of other reptile and terrarium essentials for great prices. 

As runners up, we would pick CB Reptiles and Backwater Reptiles. CB offers all-round good service, while Backwater is a smaller operation with good prices and nice people. 

Questions About Our Process

How Do You Review Online Reptile Sellers?

We take selling reptiles online very seriously, so we take our time reviewing each vendor. Among things we like to factor into our review:

  • Level of information available for buyers
  • Shipping details and live arrival guarantee
  • Refund and complaint policy
  • Reputation and expertise
  • Customer reviews
  • Prices and reptile selection
  • Reptile care and husbandry

Any negative factors that we encounter can certainly turn us off from recommending a certain site, but generally we’re pretty impartial with our reviews. We like to give you the info and help you decide! 

Plus, we love hearing your feedback. If you had an experience with one of our recommended sites, tell us about it! That data helps us determine which retailers are the best of the best. 

Will You Recommend A Bad Site For Profit?

Absolutely not. Reptiles, amphibians, and even feeder insects are all living creatures, just like us. We don’t stand for animal cruelty or mistreatment, no matter what. The sites we recommend comply with legal standards and meet our own ethical requirements. After all, we’d feel really bad telling people to support terrible reptile breeders. So you can rest assured that our reptile sellers are up to snuff.

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