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CB Reptile is a well-known online pet store that specializes in the sale of reptiles and amphibians. Located in New Jersey, they possess an excellent ability to ship overnight to several areas of the US.

My goal with this review is to provide you with as much information and transparency as possible about CB Reptile, so you can choose whether or not to purchase from them with a sense of security in mind.

CB Reptile: Our Experience 

Overall, my first impression of CB Reptile was a mix of emotions. On one hand, they boasted an impressive selection of great species to choose from, giving customers maximum flexibility with the pet they choose. On the other hand, I immediately took notice of the issues with their online store, and it made me a bit nervous about how smooth the ordering process was. It’s also hard to ignore their low ratings on other review sites from unhappy customers.

Despite some basic site issues such as typos, incorrect links, and slow loading speeds, I was pleased to find that there was nothing wrong with the actual sales process on their site. The cart feature works well, and the checkouts are secure.

Once this was confirmed, I was able to take the time to explore the other aspects of their site. Keep reading below to find a breakdown of our overall ratings for CB Reptile, and to find additional information that is not as easy to find on their site.

Breakdown of Our Ratings for CB Reptile

Below is a breakdown of the ratings we gave CB Reptile. These ratings along with other factors are used for us to give them a final grade and rank them against other online reptile stores. For CB Reptile, the three things we want to call out the most include:

  • Shipping policies
  • Pet selection
  • Customer service

Shipping Policies at CB Reptile

CB Reptile is one of the best when it comes to their shipping policies. One of the things that sets them apart from the competition is that they have a real biologist on site who can help package the pet you ordered. This includes choosing the right packaging and ensuring that either hot or cold packs are used to regulate their temperature.

CB Reptile can also boast about the speed of their deliveries. Depending on when you place your order in the day, you will receive your pet via overnight shipping. This means that after ordering your pet, you can have it arrive at your door the very next morning. 

The biggest issue we have with their shipping policies is that they don’t have a live arrival guarantee. This can be nice assurance for customers that they can be compensated for anything that may happen to their pet in transit.

To their credit, they don’t have a history of sending dead or unhealthy pets. Most of the time, CB Reptile delivers on their promises of safe shipping practices, and you can trust them with your order.

CB Reptile Pet Variety

Easily the biggest strength that CB Reptile has is their massive selection of pets to choose from. Below is a list of every pet they offer (availability may vary):

GeckosChameleonsTurtlesTortoisesBearded DragonsIguanasTegusSkinksSnakesFrogs
Leopard GeckosPanther ChameleonsBox TurtlesSulcata TortoisesRed Bearded DragonsGreen IguanasBlack & White Argentine TegusHalmahera Blue-Tongued SkinkBall PythonsPacman Frogs
Crested GeckosVeiled ChameleonsAquatic TurtlesLeopard TortoisesLeatherback Bearded DragonsBlue IguanasRed Argentine TegusNorthern Blue Tongued SkinkRed-Eyed Tree Frogs
Gargoyle GeckosJackson’s ChameleonsWood TurtlesGiant Leopard TortoisesHypo Bearded DragonsColumbian TegusCrocodile Skinks
Fat Tailed GeckosCarpet ChameleonsRed Foot TortoisesFancy Bearded DragonsRed-Eyed Crocodile Skinks
Chahoua GeckosSenegal ChameleonsCherry Head TortoisesCitrus Bearded Dragons
Viper GeckosPetters ChameleonYellow Foot TortoisesWitblit Bearded Dragons
Giant Day GeckosFischer’s ChameleonsEastern & Western Hermann’s TortoisesInferno Bearded Dragons
Chinese Cave GeckoGreek Tortoises
Japanese Cave GeckoRussian Tortoises
Egyptian Tortoises

Overall, CB Reptile has an impressive selection of pets to choose from. You may have difficulty finding exactly what you want though, as their online store can be a bit tricky to navigate.

CB Reptile Customer Service

CB Reptile has an email form on their website that you can use to contact them. They also have an email and phone number posted at the footer of their site. If you need to get in contact with them immediately, it would be best to use one of those.

My biggest complaint is the time it takes them to respond to emails. Given the issues on their site itself, I’m assuming the group who runs the store is not super tech-savvy. If you’re looking to get in contact fast and don’t want to make a phone call, I would check out their Facebook page and message them through there.

Email: support@cbreptile.com

Phone: 609-705-7787

Guarantees at CB Reptile

One thing that we always look for when reviewing online reptile stores is the guarantees that they offer. Guarantees play a huge role in customer satisfaction when it comes to buying pets online, especially when shipping of a live animal is involved.

Luckily, CB Reptile offers two primary guarantees:

  • 7-Day Health Guarantee
  • Sexing Animal Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Every animal purchased at CB Reptile comes with a 7-day health guarantee. If your pet passes away within 7 days of you receiving them, you’re eligible for a replacement. However, you must provide proof that you were not at fault for the death of the animal. To do this, you just need to make a claim with customer support and send in a photo that shows the pet’s habitat you have built, which includes:

  • Heating element 
  • UV light
  • Substrate
  • Food and water access

If you’re granted a replacement, you’ll still be responsible for paying for the additional shipping. However, the replacement pet is free.

Incidents like this are rare with CB Reptile, but it’s nice to see a protocol put in place. It would be nice to see them eventually cover the cost of additional shipping, as the blame is not always on the customer.

Sexing Animal Guarantee

This guarantee is a bit confusing. The guarantee is basically stating that there is no guarantee that you will receive the right sex that you’ve selected for your pet. 

CB Reptile does their best when it comes to sexing their animals. With reptiles and amphibians, this is a bit of a challenging process. No matter where you order from, you should never fully rely on getting the sex you want. While most determinations are accurate, it’s not uncommon for there to be errors.

Verdict: Is CB Reptile Legit?

Despite what some review sites may say about CB Reptile, we have found them to be one of the better online reptile vendors. They have some room for improvement, such as offering better guarantees and making their online store a bit more functional, but overall they are a legit reptile store that honors its guarantees.

Between a great selection of pets, reasonable prices, and fantastic shipping speed, CB Reptile is easily one of the best places to buy reptiles online.

CB Reptile FAQ

Is CB Reptile safe?

Yes, CB Reptile is a legit pet store that sells reptiles online. You can trust that your transactions are secure and that you will receive your pet in a timely manner and in good condition.

What reptiles does CB Reptile sell?

CB Reptile has a variety of pets to choose from, including geckos, chameleons, bearded dragons, iguanas, snakes, and more!

Where is CB Reptile located?

CB Reptile is located in Galloway, New Jersey.

Is CB Reptile expensive?

CB Reptile offers fair prices compared to many competitor online reptile stores.

Does CB Reptile sell reptile supplies?

Yes, CB Reptile sells reptile and amphibian food, heating lamps, food and water dishes, substrate, and more.

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