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Last updated: November 9, 2023 at 8:43 am

Custom Reptile Habitats is an online store that specializes in the sale of pet reptile supplies. The reptile habitats and terrariums that they create are made right here in the USA.

Custom Reptile Habitats is by far the best online reptile supply store there is. They sell all-inclusive reptile kits and create custom terrarium designs that fit the specific needs of the pet you have. 

Below is our breakdown and honest review of Custom Reptile Habitats. We explore their offerings, shipping policies, customer service, and more.

Custom Reptile Habitats

The Reptile Habitat

Supply Selection
Customer Service


Custom Reptile Habitats is easily the best place to buy reptile kits and supplies online. They feature a huge selection of various supplies, and create custom all-in-one kits based on the pet reptile you have. If you’re in need of a new enclosure or any supplies for keeping your reptile, then you shouldn’t hesitate to shop at Custom Reptile Habitats.



  • All-in-one reptile kits available
  • BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • Huge selection of supplies
  • Frequent sales


  • Doesn’t sell reptile food

Custom Reptile Habitats Products

There are a vast amount of products available for purchase at Custom Reptile Habitats. In fact, they are pretty much a one-stop-shop for anyone needing reptile supplies (with the exception of feeders). 

The only other place that you’ll find a selection this big is by going to a physical store. And even then, there are many products that simply don’t match the quality of what Custom Reptile Habitats provides, especially when it comes to their complete reptile kits.

Complete Reptile Kits

Custom Reptile Habitats has a wide selection of complete kits that are ready to be shipped directly to your door. Many of these kits are also bundled with enclosures, and provide you with some essential items, such as heating lamps, thermometers, and substrates.

These kits are great for beginners who are new to building terrariums for reptiles. These kits save you the hassle and stress of remembering everything, and provide you with everything you need to get started.

Custom Reptile Habitats has complete kits available for the following pets:

  • Ball pythons
  • Bearded dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Corn snakes
  • Crested geckos
  • Leopard geckos

We were also pleased with the price point for these kits, as they are on par with the cost of buying everything individually and putting it together. You’re also paying for the high-quality of these enclosures that were custom-made here in the US.

Custom Reptile Enclosures

Custom Reptile Habitats also carries a great selection of reptile tanks, and has a size for every pet out there. They feature the following sizes:

  • 3 foot
  • 4 foot
  • 6 foot
  • 8 foot

Each of these sizes also has varying height options, giving you maximum flexibility with the kind of vivarium you want to create. They make these custom pvc reptile enclosures themselves, ensuring their high-quality and beautiful look.

Buying an enclosure is typically the most expensive part of owning a pet reptile. Luckily, Custom Reptile Habitats frequently run sales and post discounts on their enclosures of up to almost 50% off. 

Other Reptile Supplies

Aside from reptile kits and custom-built enclosures, Custom Reptile Habitats features a huge selection of reptile supplies. This includes:

  • Terrarium background
  • Climbing branches
  • Artificial plants & vines
  • Decor kits
  • Food and water bowls
  • Live plants
  • Substrates
  • Lighting & heating equipment
  • Waterfalls and misters
  • Rocks
  • Logs & branches
  • Hiding decorations

All of the supplies sold at Custom Reptile Habitats are guaranteed to be compatible with one of the enclosures you buy from them. This is especially helpful for trying to buy a backdrop that is big enough to fit a 6 or 8 foot enclosure.

Shipping Policies at Custom Reptile Habitats

Custom Reptile Habitats has their shipping policy details clearly outlined – and it’s very generous for buyers.

For all orders where the item is in stock, shipment typically takes place the same day or within 1 business day. The shipping, taxes, and any applied discounts are calculated at the checkout. Most orders arrive within several business days.

All orders at Custom Reptile Habitats are insured, and any missing items or damage must be reported within 30 days of delivery. With a descriptive summary of your order’s issue and a photo to show the proof, a replacement will be sent to you right away.

For large orders, such as some of their bigger reptile enclosures, an LTL carrier will handle the delivery, and you will receive a call that has your delivery window for your order. They also offer local pickup for those that live close to their shop in Dayton, Ohio.

Custom Reptile Habitats ships to the US and Canada, and uses UPS and FedEx Ground for most of their shipping needs. Overall, you can fully trust that your order will arrive in-time and as described.

Custom Reptile Habitats Customer Service

The customer service team at Custom Reptile Habitats is fantastic. They are very responsive, and very friendly, and provide you with multiple channels for contacting them. They have an email and phone number posted on their website, and are active on their Facebook page.

If you need to get in contact with Custom Reptile Habitats for any reason, their customer service team is easy to reach and are always ready to help you resolve your issue.


Phone: 1-888-673-7845

Custom Reptile Habitats Care Sheets

custom reptile habitats enclosure size guide

Custom Reptile Habitats has a selection of care sheets available to their online users that provides basic information on reptile care for specific pets. They also have a guide for helping you understand how to choose the proper enclosure size.

They also have other guides in their resources section, such as assembly videos for their reptile enclosures and a blog to provide pet care guides.

Custom Reptile Habitats FAQ

Where is Custom Reptile Habitats located?

2609 Nordic Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414 

Is Custom Reptile Habitats reliable?

Yes, they are one of the best reptile supply stores there is, and produce high-quality products perfect for all pet reptiles.

Does Custom Reptile Habitats sell reptile enclosures?

Custom Reptile Habitats has the best selection of custom-made PVC enclosures that range from 3 feet up to 8 feet. They are simply the best on the market.

How long do orders take at Custom Reptile Habitats?

A lot depends on what you order, but most orders are shipped the same day or the following business day.

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