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Last updated: November 9, 2023 at 8:46 am

If you’re in the market for a pet reptile or amphibian and have been shopping around online, then you’ve likely come across XYZReptiles at least once. They’re a very popular online reptile store that features very attractive prices for the quality of reptiles they provide.

But is XYZ a safe and reliable option for buying a reptile online? You can never be too careful before buying a new pet. This is why we took the time to put together this complete XYZReptiles review.


The Reptile Habitat

Shipping Standards
Pet Selection
Customer Service
History & Reputation


XYZReptiles is a reliable online reptile store that ships to most of the United States. They feature fantastic shipping standards and pet prices, and have a lot of additional perks that you can’t find with other reptile stores.



  • Exceptional shipping time and safety
  • Allows pet payment plans
  • Frequent sales


  • Smaller selection of pets than others
  • Care guides are lacking

Breakdown of My Ratings for XYZReptiles

Below is further elaboration on some of the ratings that I have for XYZReptiles. These ratings are based on my own experience and research, with the ultimate goal of providing you with transparency before making an order. 

Shipping Policies at XYZReptiles

One of the things that sets XYZ apart from its rivals is their ability to fulfill their live arrival promise for customers. They have very specific shipping methods, and are considerate of the entire route your pet will take to arrive at your doorstep.

Reptile and isopods ship on Tuesday and Wednesday and arrive overnight. Packages are never delivered between Thursday and Monday. This is something to keep in mind whenever you place an order.

Any reptile orders placed by 4 PM EST on Tuesday or Wednesday will be shipped that same day, with the exceptions of holidays and severe weather conditions. 

XYZReptiles delivers to a wide landscape, with the following exceptions:

  • No deliveries outside of the US
  • No deliveries to the following:
    • Alaska
    • Hawaii
    • Puerto Rico
    • P.O. boxes
    • APOs
    • FPOs

If I’m being honest, I highly respect this policy. It basically provers their unwillingness to endanger an animal just to make a sale. Overall, the shipping policies at XYZReptiles are solid and can be trusted. 

XYZReptiles Pet Selection

xyzreptiles pets

XYZReptiles doesn’t have the biggest selection of pets on the market, but their quality and prices are nearly unmatched. Though, don’t let this confuse you – XYZ has a fantastic variety of pets available.

Below is a list of the pets that XYZ sells:

  • Tortoises
  • Turtles
  • Isopods
  • Monitor Lizards
  • Snakes
    • Ball pythons
    • Blood pythons
    • Boas
    • Colubrids
    • Tree snakes
  • Lizards
    • Bearded dragons
    • Skinks
    • Chameleons
  • Geckos
    • Leopard geckos

On top of this huge selection of pets, XYZReptiles also sells a variety of supplies that you’ll need.They sell habitats, bulbs, food, substrates, and more directly on their site.

By far the biggest perk of using XYZ is that they frequently have sales going on. If you buy at the right time, you can save quite the bundle on your pet and some supplies to go with it.

XYZReptiles Customer Service

There are several ways you can contact XYZ’s customer service department. If you’re on their website, simply go to the “Contact” option on their main navigation, and fill out the email form on the following page. They also provide a phone number if you need to get in contact with them urgently. 

XYZReptiles also seems to be pretty active on social media, especially Facebook. Following them on Facebook is a great way to catch all of their sales they have going on at any given time. 


Phone: 305-305-5998

XYZ Reptiles Reputation

Overall, XYZ seems to have a fairly clean history and reputation with customers. There are several reddit forums out there claiming the site is a scam, but just as many responses to those posts claim otherwise and state to be happy with their purchase.

At the time of writing this, their Facebook page has 250 reviews submitted, giving XYZReptiles a solid 4.5/5 rating. 

The bottom line is that there’s no need to worry when ordering from XYZ.

Guarantees at XYZReptiles

XYZReptiles has the standard agreements that you’d expect to see from an online reptile store. They provide a live arrival guarantee and a sexing animal guarantee. While the guarantees may seem standard, XYZ does exceptionally well with making the promises easy to carry out on the customer’s end.

Live Arrival Guarantee

XYZReptiles offers a live arrival guarantee on all of their animals. If requirements are met upon reporting the animal’s death, then you will be given a free replacement. However, the buyer is responsible for the additional shipping cost for a new pet.

Below are the requirements for their live arrival guarantee:

  • The buyer must be present to sign for the package when the animal is delivered
  • No delays in shipping occurred
  • Temperatures at the drop off spot must be within the correct temperature range (32F – 99F)
  • Deliveries held for pickup at a FedEX location must be picked up the same day
  • Live arrival guarantee requests must be made within 30 minutes of the delivery time stamp
  • A photo of the deceased animal must be sent it

XYZReptiles has a great reputation when it comes to shipping their animals. The live arrival guarantee is nice to have, but it’s likely you will have no need for it.

Sexing Animal Guarantee

XYZReptiles guarantees that the sex of the animal will match what was selected at the time of your purchase. If an error occurs in this regard, be sure to contact their customer service immediately. 

XYZReptiles Coupon Codes

Free shipping on reptile orders over $500FREESHIP
10% off all reptile lightsLIGHTS10
Free shipping on collapsible reptile terrariumCRTSHIP
Free small hide box with ball python purchaseFSHBP
Free crock bowl with any snake purchaseXYZCROC

Verdict: Is XYZReptiles Legit?

XYZReptiles is easily one of the best online reptile stores there is. Their safe and swift shipping standards, fair selection of pets, and exceptional price points alone set them apart from the competition. 

If you’re trying to choose the best place to buy a reptile online, then we’d highly recommend going to XYZ for any of your needs. The only exception would be if they don’t carry the pet you’re looking for. In that instance, we’d recommend checking out Imperial Reptiles instead. 

XYZReptiles FAQ

Is XYZReptiles legit?

Yes, XYZReptiles is a legit reptile store that ships to most places in the United States. They have excellent reviews from hundreds of customers, and provide great deals for those working on a budget.

Where is XYZReptiles located?

XYZReptiles ships out of Palmetto Bay, Florida. However, they ship to most states in the US if you order using their website.

What pets does XYZReptiles have for sale?

XYZ sells a variety of different snakes, lizards, geckos, turtles, tortoises, and isopods. 

Does XYZReptiles have a live arrival guarantee?

Yes, XYZReptiles provides a live arrival guarantee for all their parts. Thanks to their strict shipping practices, they have a high success rate.

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