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One of the best parts about buying a pet reptile online is that you get to create their enclosure. While doing this will take some time and research, there are many things about the process that make it enjoyable for you.

For starters, you are creating a home for your new pet. This means getting to choose how big their tank is, what kind of substrate they will have, what kind of diet they will eat, and so on.

Secondly, you get to decorate your reptile terrarium in a way that both fits your pet’s basic living needs and the personality they have. Choosing your reptile terrarium decor is a lot of fun, but it’s important to understand what kind of decor you will need for the type of pet you have.

That’s why we put together this guide to choosing the best reptile terrarium decor for you. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of decor that’s available and what kind you may need for your pet.

Different Kinds of Terrarium Decor for Reptiles

When it comes to choosing your reptile terrarium décor, you will notice that you have many different options to choose from. It’s important to understand that there are different kinds of terrarium décor, and each different pet type will have different requirements for what they need.

In general, here are some of the primary categories of reptile terrarium decorations:

  • Branches, shelves & climbing décor
  • Caves, logs & hiding/burrowing décor
  • Basking & resting décor
  • Foliage décor
  • Terrarium wall décor

Branches, Shelves & Climbing Décor

If you have a reptile that is known to climb, then you will want to make sure that their enclosure has plenty of places for them to do so. This could mean adding in some fake or real branches, as well as shelves, rocks, and other things that they can use to climb up and down.

Always make sure the décor you choose is strong enough to support your pet’s weight. The last thing you want is for your pet to get injured while in its enclosure.

Caves, Logs & Hiding/Burrowing Décor

As the name suggests, this type of reptile terrarium décor is perfect for reptiles that like to hide away and burrow. This could include anything from small caves that they can go into, to logs or branches that they can hide behind.

Basking & Resting Décor

All reptiles need a place to bask and rest, so it’s important to include some décor in their enclosure that will allow them to do this. This could be a basking rock or a hammock.

Foliage Décor

Many reptiles love to hide in foliage, so adding some fake or real plants to their enclosure is a great idea. Just make sure that the plants you choose are safe for your reptile and that they can’t escape through them.

Terrarium Wall Décor

If you have a glass terrarium, then you might want to consider adding some wall décor to the inside. This could be anything from posters to stickers. Just make sure that the décor you choose is safe for your reptile and helps add credibility to the habitat you are trying to recreate for your pet. For example, if your pet requires a desert habitat to survive and you have a variety of desert terrarium decor in the enclosure, you can add terrarium wall decor that replicates a desert setting.

Why Choosing the Right Reptile Terrarium Decor Matters

While it may be tempting to just buy a generic set of some cheap terrarium decor supplies, it may not hurt to do some research before making your purchase. Because even though these products are simply decorations in your pet’s enclosure, they play a huge role in the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Not to mention that different types of pets will have different living requirements. For example, bearded dragon terrarium decor is going to be much different than that of frog terrarium decor. Meanwhile, ball python terrarium decor may consist of a few similar products to that of bearded dragons, but will still lack all of the necessary supplies that will be needed.

Best Places to Buy Reptile Terrarium Decor Online

If you’re looking to get maximum customization for your reptile terrarium, then we recommend shopping for decor supplies online. You have access to a much bigger selection and can find everything you need all in one place. 

With that being said, there are three sites that come to mind when looking to buy reptile supplies and decor online:

  • Custom Reptile Habitats
  • Pangea Reptile
  • CB Reptile

Custom Reptile Habitats

Custom Reptile Habitats is hands-down the best place to buy reptile terrarium decor online. They feature a wide selection of different decor supplies, including logs, branches, rocks, food & water bowls, plants, and much more.

They also have entire reptile decor kits for sale in case you want to save money by buying a bundle. If you’re looking to get everything you need for your reptile terrarium all in one place, then we highly recommend checking out Custom Reptile Habitats.

Pangea Reptile

Pangea Reptile has a massive selection of reptile and amphibian products, and their selection of decor is truly impressive when compared to some of their competitors. They feature a user-friendly online store, have fast shipping, and have some of the most competitive prices in the market.

The type of terrarium decor for reptiles that you will find on Pangea Reptile include:

  • Vines
  • Hiding spots
  • Terrarium wall decor & backgrounds
  • Turtle docks
  • Leaf litter
  • And more

CB Reptile

CB Reptile is best known for their huge selection of different reptile and amphibian pets. However, they also have a decent selection of decor items to choose from.

Their options are a bit more limited compared to some of their competitors, but they have a great price point and are always able to provide multiple different sizes of their products.

Reptile Terrarium Decor FAQs

Do I Need to Decorate My Reptile’s Enclosure?

Your pet most likely will need some decorations to live properly. For instance, some species of lizards and snakes require decorations such as branches and plants so that they have something to climb. It’s important to create a habitat similar to what your pet would normally experience in the wild.

How Do I Know What Decor My Pet Will Need?

The type of reptile terrarium decor you need will depend on the type(s) of pet you have. I recommend checking out our care guides to learn more for your specific pet.

What Is Considered Lizard Terrarium Decor?

Some common lizard terrarium decor items include branches, plants, and cave hides.

What Does Frog Terrarium Decor Consist Of?

The type of decor you need for a frog terrarium will depend on the type of frog you have. While some frogs need an enclosure mostly filled with water, others need their terrarium to have substrate and plenty of climbing objects.

What Type of Decor Should Be Used In A Bearded Dragon Terrarium?

For bearded dragons, you should always aim to have at least one basking rock pet beardie that you have. You should also include big log and rock hides, climbing branches, and more.

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